Why 9tribe?

9Tribe partners with two types of organizations:

Established companies needing software that an off-the-shelf solution doesn’t solve. Some companies do not have their own development teams. Others have in-house teams, but the project is outside the scope of their team’s time or expertise. We partner with these companies to define the scope of the project and execute on time and on budget.

Companies often ask us, ‘Can you build [native apps, ecommerce platforms, analytics engines, fill in the blank]?’ Or they ask if we have experience in certain industries. Or with specific languages. Regardless of the specific question, our answer is almost always ‘yes.’ But here’s the thing: these can be important questions, but they’re not the most important.

Our clients choose 9Tribe not just because of what kind of work we do, but how we work.

And how we work is by focusing first and foremost on problem-solving. If we are dealing with a sophisticated, challenging problem (and most custom software development projects are trying to solve sophisticated, challenging problems), we don’t start by deciding on which technology tools to use. We start by figuring out the cleanest, simplest, most elegant way to solve the problem. Once we create an initial solution, we keep pushing back on the solution until it’s cleaner, simpler and more elegant than our clients thought it could be. Once we have the solution to the problem, then we write the code, build the user interface and deploy all the needed technology tools.

9Tribe does problem-solving really, really well. Yes, we almost certainly have experience in whatever platform, functionality, industry or language our clients need. But we also have decades of experience solving sophisticated, complex problems and then translating those solutions into clean, simple code with elegant user interfaces.
Startups with passionate, focused founders who need infrastructure around development, strategy and funding.

Software startups often feel like the Wild West. So many ideas, opportunities and challenges, but so few resources. Every single 9Tribe team member—from our executives to our developers and designers—have first-hand experience launching and growing successful startups. So when we partner with startups, we bring instant infrastructure and real-world insight into how to lead a startup to success.

We partner with startups in 3 areas:

1. Development - We have a team of over 30 developers, led by our CTO who has 20+ years experience in developing complex platforms for some of the top names in technology. That experience translates into development timelines and budgets that are markedly better than what is normally available to startups.

2. Strategy – Our executive team works directly with our startup partners to clarify their strategy in terms of business model, marketing, business development and platform functionality.

3. Funding - We lead our startups through a propriety process to give them their best shot at raising funding from investors. In many cases we will join them for investor pitch meetings. And in certain cases, we connect them with our own investor network. The funding process is typically the most intimidating and frustrating part of launching a startup, and we make that as streamlined and simple as possible.

Our prototypical partners are founders who have industry expertise and recognize an industry problem that their software platform could significantly address. They typically need help with one or all of these three areas we address.

We are highly selective in who we partner with since we end up investing a great deal of time, energy and resources into each startup we work with. That said, if you are a founder or founding team looking for partners in development, strategy and funding, we would love to hear from you.

Who We Are

9Tribe is a leading, custom software development firm that enables businesses to accelerate their development strategies through the use of our Rapid Development Cycle process.

9Tribe is proudly headquartered in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. With a national and international team of over 30 developers, designers and project managers, 9Tribe provides our clients with exceptional project support and services beyond what traditional development firms offer.

The 9Tribe team boasts a unique skillset that combines general business modeling and management techniques with a thorough knowledge of complex software system architecture.

Our Executive Team

Melissa Vincent
Chief Executive Officer
Jay Kelly
Chief Operations Officer

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