Melissa Vincent

Chief Executive Officer
Melissa Vincent

Melissa has a proven track record of success in business start-ups. From her first start-up over ten years ago, Melissa has been passionate about creating products and teams within a company that drive success.

In 2005, Melissa moved to Oklahoma and began working with a marketing firm, Risk Mitigation Consultants, LLC, which represented professional background screening services. In the three years she was with RMC, she was a top regional salesperson and quickly grew within the company to take over the Vice President of Business Development role.

At the successful sale of the company, Melissa remained within the same investment group and focused on creating new ventures for the firm, including building a successful brand for UR Mobile, a robust mobile CMS and enterprise level application development platform.

Melissa has successfully secured national brand clients through direct sales and strategic partnerships such as Susan G. Komen for the Cure, Convio/Blackbaud, Sony, TICKETsage, PayPal and British Airways.